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Video / Audio Transcoding and QA

Video / Audio Transcoding and QA

Arcadian excels in preparing any digital video file for seamless streaming across various platforms. We can do everything from basic transcoding and QA to handling large libraries of complex video assets with multiple versions, subtitles, and audio tracks. Perfection across numerous video files encoded at various bitrates, with synchronized subtitles and audio tracks, is what we deliver. The result? Our clients can trust in a flawless viewer experience for their subscribers, all at rates significantly more cost-effective than in-house efforts or alternative outsourcing solutions.

Video Transcoding and QA can be tailored to include numerous checks, such as:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Subtitles
  • Trailers
  • Value Added Materials
  • Keyframes
  • Dub Cards

We conduct thorough checks tailored to every territory where the video asset will be distributed. Our team can craft customized Video/Audio Transcoding and Quality Assurance protocols to meet your unique needs.

Subtitling and Translation

Arcadian offers Subtitling and Translation services tailored for the video entertainment industry. While the process for creating high-quality subtitles has undergone dramatic changes, traditional service providers haven’t reflected these advancements in their pricing.

Arcadian bridges this gap with our advanced tools, streamlined workflows, and efficient staffing. This allows us to deliver the highest quality subtitle creation and translation services at highly competitive rates.

The result? Entertainment media companies can continue providing the market demanded, accurate and engaging program language localization they need, even in today’s increasingly challenging business environment.

Subtitle Creation

Simply send us your script, video, or audio file. Our team uses best practices to create professional-grade subtitles that meet industry standards. Need something specific? No worries! We can adapt to your style guide or any special requirements you have. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we only deliver subtitles you’re 100% happy with.


Need your subtitles translated? Our team of native-speaking translators can deliver professional translations in any language you require. For the most competitive rates, just tell us about your project. The more details you share about your source material and needs, the better we can tailor a quote just for you.

App Dev

App Development

Arcadian specializes in developing video applications for a wide array of devices, ranging from embedded TV apps to mobile platforms and everything in between. Whether you are launching a VOD, AVOD, SVOD, or FAST service, we are equipped to design the ideal app solution tailored to your exacting standards.

Our professional UX/UI design team will work closely with you to develop an experience that exactly fits your brand.

Apps QA

Arcadian’s dedicated team conduct quality assurance on mobile, TV, in-car, and apps running on any other device. With each enhancement and upgrade, every new version will undergo rigorous checks to ensure functionality aligns with specifications.

These checks encompass:

  • Smoke check
  • Landing page
  • Account login and first-time registration
  • Hero panel
  • Carousel
  • Side menu
  • Library page

We are capable of customizing App Quality Assurance protocols to suit your exact needs.

Apps QA
Customer Support

Customer Support

Arcadian runs Customer Support for one of the world’s best-known brands. Any viewing or video purchase transaction queries are sent to our team of trained customer support representatives. They resolve every issue in a timely manner while ensuring the customer enjoys a positive experience with the brand.

We can design Customer Support delivery models that will cater to your specific needs.

Storefront QA

Arcadian guarantees an impeccable viewer experience for your streaming service’s Storefront. With a constant influx of new content, it is crucial that every aspect of each video asset is flawlessly presented across all playback platforms, including televisions, mobile devices and web browsers.

Our quality assurance checks include verifying that all aspects of the following are correct for each Storefront in each territory. These include checks, such as:

  • Video asset
  • Playback of all video, audio and subtitle files
  • Ratings
  • Artwork
  • Metadata
  • Trailer and playback of trailer
  • Value Added Materials

We can tailor Storefront Quality Assurance protocols to meet your exact needs.

Storefront QA

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